Covering Global Issues in Miami

From gentrification and immigrant incorporation to climate change, we delve deep into some of the most pressing issues affecting residents of South Florida.



Five captivating news stories, produced during the summer of 2024, seek to amplify local voices usually left unheard, while seeking to deepen the understanding of global issues affecting Miami residents.

The stories, produced by students of the Universidad de Navarra and the University of Miami shed light on these global issues, told by the people they affect the most.


Many of humanity's most challenging issues are shaped by cross-border forces. To address, and report on, these issues, collaboration is critical.

That is why the University of Miami and the University of Navarra came together to create the "Covering Global Issues in Miami" course.

This team-taught class guided students on an intellectual and experiential journey of investigation, discovery and learning about grounded globalization and how it should be communicated.

The globe shows where our students and faculty have lived.
Those are the paths that led us here, to Miami.


  • Clara Pérez Singla
  • Casilda Zuloaga Monasterio
  • Maider Jiménez Marquina
  • Sofia Castilblanco
  • Emiliana Rico
  • María Victoria Losa
  • Miguel De la Hera
  • Rodrigo García-Villoslada
  • Sandra López Luengo
  • Lucía Boned Tarapiella
  • Nahiara Lapeire Munárriz
  • Mario Castroviejo Bravo
  • Ariana Viera
  • Victoria Schneider
  • Camila Echevarría
  • Guadalupe García García
  • Sofía Corrales Funez


  • Aurken Sierra, Professor
  • Elena Terán, Professor
  • Alberto Cairo, Associate Professor and Knight Chair Visual Journalism
  • Hannah Artman, Graduate Coordinator
  • Kyle Walkine, Graduate Assistant
  • Luis Garcia Conde, Graduate Assistant
  • Sallie Hughes, Professor and Associate Dean
  • Erin Brown, Senior Lecturer
  • Ben Ezzy, UMTV Operations Manager and Adjunct Professor

Special Thanks

Our deepest gratitude to all the guest speakers, researchers, journalists, and organizations that helped students navigate complex topics.

  • Michael J. Bustamante
  • Mayra Cruz
  • Donette Francis
  • Hilda Garcia
  • Jane Gilbert
  • Carl Juste
  • Mel Meinhardt
  • Corinna J. Moebius
  • Kamila E. Prichett
  • Rene Rodriguez